Most Popular Freelance Websites to Earn More in 2021

Most Popular Freelance Websites to Earn More in 2021

For people who think freelancing is an easy way to earn more money, well disappointingly, it isn’t that easy at all. If you are a completely new contender in the freelancing world looking for work, you’d probably be aware of how exhausting the task can be. However, freelancing has its own sweet benefits to gain more development professionally and earn extra money, while simply enjoying the freedom rather than working for a particular company.

Now to earn yourself some money as a freelancer, one can simply start signing up on the below-mentioned list of best freelance websites for beginners. There are a countless number of individuals in this field of professional freelancing, who have gained a lot from these freelance sites. No matter if you’re planning to make this a partial or full-time profession, these freelancing websites will provide you with nearly all the tools that are required to develop your portfolio and attract clients.

If we are talking about the best freelance websites, these platforms are highly interactive to browse and further have in-built options for anyone in almost any trade to find freelance work from all across the globe.

So, are you ready to proceed with your freelancing career with these best freelance websites for beginners?

Writer Access

Writer and freelance website designer jobs are very common to see on freelance sites. Writer Access is the exact solution to all your writing work requirements offering various writing job opportunities, like online articles, tech papers, blogs, case studies, and more. This platform is like a web society for writers, content strategists, freelance editors, and translators from different nations including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, etc.

You can discuss the payments directly with the client according to the project complexity and required R&D. Writer Access even offers helpful tools for you as a competent beginner, such as keyword optimization, content analytics, and content planner along with free content marketing training.


Being one of the largest freelance sites available, CrowdSource boasts its expertise in content creation, editing, and monitoring for online retailers, publishers, and media companies. The platform is better known for breaking down larger tasks into smaller and more manageable ones. However, they do have a bunch of strict policies to qualify before accessing the platform dashboard.

Once a freelancer meets their eligibility criteria, he’s able to open up the doors to gain access to more work through the integrated platform. If a freelancer’s work is determined to be good in standards, he or she may receive better compensation for their work.


Designhill is a virtual marketplace for a freelance website designer, graphic designer, web designer, and any other design opportunities. The platform is built on a highly interactive environment that allows a seamless experience to the clients while enabling them to provide real-time feedback which further assists the designers in better understanding the client requirements.

Clients can even create a project contest and take a view of all the related design entries or can seek out freelancer services via a search box right at the top of the landing page.

Apart from that, this freelance website offers quite a polarizing interface for freelancers as well. They can create their portfolios to display their design work to potential clients. Designhill gets the feature of holding the contents that freelancers compete in by contributing to a client’s project while offering a transparent price upfront so that the client can further anticipate the final costing of the finished design work.


Fiverr is one of the largest, as well as best freelancing sites on the internet right now, which offers you free learning courses to enhance your skills and client management. The key factor which makes Fiverr different from other freelance websites out there is the way it works.

Here, freelancers have to create their own jobs as per their own niche or specialization related to writing, audio editing, translation, digital marketing, video editing, web designing, etc. Then potential clients or companies can simply contact the one whose portfolio fulfils their interest.


This freelance website works under a highly structured AI-powered recruitment process that quickly solves the problem of supply and demand for jobs while searching for the most suitable applicants for an employer.

Crowded reduces most of the manual efforts as the freelancers don’t have to manually apply to each job opening and browse the biggest listing of jobs all at one single stop. The website’s AI-technology even has a ranking algorithm for everyone based on their experience, skills, and price.


Aquent is another popular freelance website designer network that has achieved numerous awards as a freelancing firm. It only allows freelancers who have at least 2 years of working experience in the field of digital marketing and designing to work on-site or remotely.

However, fresh graduates can still be allowed to explore their available jobs and free online courses that provide training in practical skills for freelancers to enhance their skills. Being a well-established freelance website, Aquent consistently pays attention to high-quality work in the field of creative design, digital, and marketing.


PeoplePerHour is one of the best freelance websites for beginners headquartered in the UK. This platform consists of a userbase of over 1.5 million online freelancers and is known for its streamlined work processes in freelancing by directing a healthy communication and payments environment between both clients as well as the freelancer.

It’s a completely free-to-use platform that provides access to various projects for SEO specialists, software engineers, and marketers. Toward the start of a project, the client has to enter his project requirements in brief. This information further undergoes through an artificial intelligence program that analyzes it and then matches the client with a lead of freelancers respectively.

However, freelancers can only send a maximum of 15 proposals to the clients for free. After that, they will have to sign up for a paid plan.

The Creative Group

Working with the market’s best freelancing sites makes it easy for freelancers to withdraw hassle-free payments while avoiding any scam. The Creative Group, offers you grab an opportunity that best suits your interest by simply uploading a resume or a LinkedIn profile to start searching for a respective project to work upon.

Freelancers can even find partial or full-time jobs in professional fields like graphic design, photography, copywriting, art, marketing, etc.


Freelancer counts among one of the top 5 largest freelance websites in the world with over 32 million registered users and over a million projects that need freelancers at any given time. This platform covers freelancer jobs on almost all the aspects of content writing, web solutions, product sourcing, application design and development, sales and marketing, accounting translation, data entry, human resources, etc. So there’s an ocean of jobs and projects with thousands of vacancies posted every day that you can work upon as a freelance worker at Freelancer.

Freelancer is a highly reliable and reputed platform that offers a user-friendly interface for both freelance workers and clients alike. Many people consider Freelancer as their full-time revenue-generating resource and regard it among one of the best freelancing sites on the internet right now.

The platform allows you to register and login to Freelancer for free, but you will only get 8 project applications for free, as you have to pay a membership fee to extend the limit as per your requirements. Apart from all that, you’ll also be provided with a dedicated team of advisors to assist you in placing project bids and proposals to accomplish a hassle-free freelancing work experience on such freelance websites.


Upwork is a highly trusted freelance websites network that provides various assistance tools such as a built-in invoice maker, transparent recruitment process, and collaborative space to finish your assigned tasks more efficiently. Being one of the best freelance websites out there in the market, Upwork offers you a great opportunity to work with some of the globally renowned clients such as Airbnb, Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Zinio, and over 1.5 million other clients.

This platform offers freelancers to send unlimited proposals to clients related to web development, customer support, freelance writing, IT and networking, data science, graphic design, admin work, translation, accounting, etc. And once a freelancer builds a new relationship with a client, he or she will be charged with a 20% service fee.


Last but not the least, Guru ranks among the best freelance websites with an aggregate of over 3 million genuine freelancers searching for projects on the platform. Guru is considered as one of the best freelance platforms for the all kind of freelancers who want to make career through freelancing and their skillsets.

Guru provides variety of freelancing services in different categories to choose from and this platform consists the clients from all over the world. The best part is your money will be safe on this platform as if you genuinely worked then for sure you will be paid because this platform consists of amazing safe-pay facility for their users either you are a freelancer or a client.

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